Author: Barry

  • Ep. 1.29 – Barry Decides He Is Too Old To Say “Bish”: Katy Perry

    Katy Perry and her unique brand of cotton candy pinup girl pop rock dominated pop music from her bi-curious debut in 2008 to her shark-ridden Superbowl performance in 2014. But after the three year hiatus that followed, she reemerged in 2017 with a new look, a new sound, and a new album that no one wanted. Today we’re talking about the album Witness, and it’s second single, “Swish Swish.”

  • Ep. 1.28 – Little Trouble In Big China: Jessie J

    Jessie J has been bubbling up through the public consciousness in one way shape or form since 2009. Today we're talking about the song "Thunder," and exploring why she's had big hits, but never really connected in the US.

  • Ep. 1.27 – Lovefool Me Twice: The Cardigans

    Swedish band the Cardigans scored a #2 on the billboard music charts with 1996's  "Lovefool," an infectious pop tune about unrequited love, successfully bringing their unique brand of vintage inspired lounge pop to the American mainstream. After a brief hiatus, the band re-emerged in the US in 2004 with a new sound and a new album, Long Gone Before Daylight, featuring the single "For What Its Worth"

  • Ep. 1.26 – Flowers For Jazmine: Jazmine Sullivan

    Singer Jazmine Sullivan shot to commercial and critical success when she burst on the scene in 2008, busting windows and taking on lions and tigers and bears. 12 years, 3 albums, 11 Grammy nominations and 2 hiatuses later, she's still not getting her flowers. Today, we'll get into why she already deserves to be one of the greats, and I why I think the best may be yet to come.

  • Ep. 1.25 – Call Her, Beep Her, If You Wanna Reach Her: Christina Milian

    Singer, Actress and Songwriter Christina Milian achieved early success with top 20 chart placements for a collaboration with Ja Rule and a songwriting credit for Jennifer Lopez, but after unforeseen delays and the ultimate cancellation of the release of her debut album, she struggled to regain her footing in the years that followed, while her peers began rising to stardom around her.

  • Ep. 1.24 – If Mya Never Comes: Mya

    R&B singer Mya burst onto the scene in 1998 with her sexy vocals and sultry dance moves, but after a string of hits and high-profile projects, she largely fell off the public radar for the last decade. Today we're talking about her 2018 song "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and where she's been all this time.

  • Ep. 1.23 – The Party Never Stopped, We Hope You’re Still Here: The Party

    Disney launched co-ed pop group The Party in 1990 as a spin off of their recently rebooted variety TV series, The All New Mickey Mouse Club. But by 1993, with four albums and only a moderate number of hits under their belt, the group abruptly disbanded. leaving fans with their swan song, "I Wish You Peace."

  • Ep. 1.22 – Our 2020 Wrapped Bonus Episode!

    A Spotify exclusive! We cover some standouts from our own Spotify 2020 Wrapped playlists.

  • Ep. 1.21 – What I Did For Josh Groban: Josh Groban

    This week, we're discussing Josh Groban's song "What I Did for Love," which appears on his 7th studio album Stages, released in 2015.

  • Ep. 1.20 – Miss Keri-age of Justice: Keri Hilson

    This week, we're discussing Keri Hilson's song "Pretty Girl Rock," which appears on her 2nd studio album No Boys Allowed, released in 2010. The song it self was a platinum success, but it wasn't enough to save the album - and was her last release in 10 years.