• Ep. 1.42 – Ariana Grande: No Thank You, Next Single

    Tween TV star turned pop singer Ariana Grande was riding high off the commercial success of her first two studio albums, 2013's My Everything and 2014's Yours Truly. But a minor scandal and a scrapped single in 2015 turned this girl next door into a dangerous woman. Today we’re talking about her 2015 non-album single, “Focus.”

  • Ep.1.41 – Toni Braxton: The Real Elusive Chanteuse

    This week, we're talking about Toni Braxton, the R&B superstar who unbroke our hearts in the 90s but who many people assumed fizzled out in the early-aughts. Jason is here to tell you how that almost happened but didn't, and why her last three albums, including one released just last year, are among the best work of her career.

  • Ep. 1.40 – Little Mix: We Had A Little Mix-Up And Forgot To Talk About Little Mix

    In 2011, girl group Little Mix broke a long standing X Factor curse by becoming the first group to win the singing competition. In the decade that followed, they went on to become one of the biggest girl groups worldwide, except in the United States, where Little Mix got little attention. Today we're talking about their 2020 single "Break Up Song." Also: Did Barry burn my neck with retinol serum? Does Jason know the names of the members of Little Mix? Will we ever, in fact, talk about Little Mix in this episode?

  • Ep. 1.39 – Diana Gordon: The Wynter of Her Discontent

    This week, we're talking about Diana Gordon, and why even though you think you don't know her, Sorry, you absolutely do. Also: Falling down stairs, getting blackout drunk on airplanes and what its like having a celebrity like your civilian tweets.

  • Ep. 1.38 – P!nk: She’s Not Dead, But Her Singing Career Almost Was

    The pop music public embraced P!nk’s 2001 evolution from R&B tough chick to feisty pop-rocker with her sophomore "surprise, I'm white" effort, 2001’s multi-platinum Missundaztood. She doubled down on her rocker edge with 2003’s Try This but a falling out with her main musical collaborator and clashes with her label made for a rushed, uneven product that US audiences didn’t embrace. Today we’re talking about the second single from that album, “God Is A DJ.”

  • Ep. 1.37 – Fantasia: Chicken Soup For Rock-Soul

    This week, we're talking about "Lose to Win," the 2013 single from singer Fantasia - who, despite winning season 3 of American Idol and originating the role of Celie in the Broadway adaptation of The Color Purple, still doesn't get the adoration we think she deserves.

  • Ep 1.36 – Carly Rae Jepsen: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You, Maybe

    Canadian Idol Bronze Medalist Carly Rae Jepsen tunneled a hole straight into the center of our collective craniums with her 2012 earworm "Call Me Maybe" and scored the world's biggest song of that year. But after her album Kiss failed to generate the same heat, her future as a pop sensation seriously hit the skids. In 2015, she returned with the album EMOTION featuring the song "Your Type." And although the album basked in the glow of critical acclaim, a cult fandom and hipster credibility, the majority of music consumers sent it straight to voicemail.

  • Ep. 1.35 – Years & Years: An Episode We Spent Minutes & Minutes Prepping For

    This week, we're talking about the UK pop group Years & Years, and their single "Take Shelter" from their 2015 debut album Communion. Also: It's A Sin on HBOmax, Sex Education in San Francisco in the 90s, Jason's endless search for "queer joy" in music and most importantly, negotiating the process of leasing a new car.

  • Ep. 1.34 – Danity Kane: Damaged Beyond Repair

    Making The Band alums Danity Kane were poised to become one of the top girl groups of the aughts, having scored two #1 albums as well as two top 10 lead singles under the management of P. Diddy and Bad Boy Records. But in 2008 the “Showstopper” songstresses literally had to stop the show as interpersonal conflicts boiled over onto their MTV reality show, resulting in the confounding and unexpected split of the group. Today we are lamenting what could have been with Danity Kane, and getting sucked in by the song, “Sucka For Love.”

  • Ep. 1.33 – Janelle Monáe: Ready For Primetime

    Janelle Monáe first landed in our pop culture universe as android messiah Cindy Mayweather in 2007. Her song Primetime, a sexy duet with Miguel, failed to break into...primetime. Today, I seek justice.