• Ep. 2.02 – Whitney Houston: A Million Reasons To Love Million Dollar Bill

    Today we're talking about "Million Dollar Bill," Whitney Houston's last single released during her lifetime, which, after more than 25 years topping the charts, hit number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100.

  • Ep. 2.01 – Jennifer Lopez: Hold It, Don’t Drop This Single

    In the 90s, pop singer Jennifer Lopez rode a wave of success, starting as a Fly Girl on TV's "In Living Color" and ending the decade as a certified triple threat. But after a string of hit movies and albums, 2007's Brave proved a threat to no one and its second single "Hold It Don't Drop It' failed to chart.

  • Ep. 1.50 – Leona Lewis: No Bleeding Love Lost

    Following her win on the third series of The X Factor, this artist dominated worldwide charts in 2007 with the album Spirit and it's breakout single "Bleeding Love," but by 2009 her particular brand of mid-tempo musings were providing diminishing returns and her sophomore effort Echo garnered far fewer accolades. Seeking to reignite her career with a new sound in 2011, she released the up-tempo EDM track “Collide,” intended to be the lead single from her third studio album, Glassheart. But a public feud with an up and coming DJ/Producer and threats of a lawsuit overshadowed the track’s release and it ultimately disappeared from the album’s final track listing. Today we’re talking about Leona Lewis, and her song, “Collide.”


    Today we're talking about VINCINT, and his debut album There Will Be Tears, along with some other queer artists we're bopping along to as we come to the end of this Pride month.

  • Ep. 1.48 – Imperial Teen: Purveyors Of An Unlikely Pride Anthem

    Get out your rainbow can of Bud Light and get ready to reapply your SPF every 90 minutes because it is June, which means that it’s Pride season. This week we’re talking about Imperial Teen, the alternative rock band that hit it big with 1999’s “Yoo Hoo,” the quintessential 90s soundtrack for accidentally murdering your best friend in the trunk of your car with an oversized piece of candy during a birthday prank gone wrong. In 2002 the band released their third album On featuring the song “Our Time” which I consider my overlooked pride anthem.

  • Ep. 1.47 – Kelis: The Culinary Chanteuse

    This week we're talking about "4th of July," the 2nd single from singer Kelis' 5th album, the unexpectedly dance-focused Flesh Tone, and why this song, and her whole discography, deserve more credit and love than she currently receives.

  • Ep. 1.46 – Rachael Yamagata: We Were So Worn Down We Forgot To Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

    The month of May has come and gone, and we have missed AAPI Heritage Month in its entirety. But as the saying goes, better late than never! Today we're talking about Rachael Yamagata, the singer-songwriter behind the 2003 single "Worn Me Down."

  • Ep. 1.45 – Estelle: Freak, But Not Like Me

    British multi-hyphenate Estelle took the US by storm in 2008 with her double-platinum, grammy-winning single “American Boy.” She followed it up in 2010 with the David Guetta produced track “Freak,” a sex-positive dance anthem intended to be the lead single for her highly-anticipated third album. But when the album, 2012’s All Of Me appeared, “Freak” was nowhere to be found. Today we ask, what happened?

  • Ep. 1.44 – The Wiz: A Brand New Day For The Much-Maligned Movie Musical

    This week, we're talking about "A Brand New Day," a showstopping number from 1975's The Wiz, a movie musical starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and which to this day, we still haven't seen.

  • Ep.1.43 – Jordin Sparks: How Am I Supposed to Sing with No Airtime?

    Riding high of the success of her debut album and Grammy-nominated single "No Air" pop singer Jordin Sparks set out to keep the momentum going with her sophomore effort, 2009's Battlefield. But after a string of lukewarm singles, a cancelled tour and perennially delayed third album, all indications were that the air had been let out of Jordin's career. Today we're talking about her song, "Don't Let It Go To Your Head."