Ep. 2.01 – Jennifer Lopez: Hold It, Don’t Drop This Single

In the 90s, pop singer Jennifer Lopez rode a wave of success, starting as a Fly Girl on TV’s “In Living Color” and ending the decade as a certified triple threat. But after a string of hit movies and albums, 2007’s Brave proved a threat to no one and its second single “Hold It Don’t Drop It’ failed to chart.

This week, Jason gave J.Lo an “A” for effort for her live performance of “Hold It Don’t Drop It” on Good Morning America. Sing out, Rose!

Meanwhile, Barry recalls falling in love with J.Lo’s iconic “I’m not an expert on the laser” moment from the “Waiting For Tonight” episode of “Making The Video.

But also pinpoints the exact moment when J.Lo lost him, with the single “Get Right…”

…which was originally a song intended for Usher.

This Week’s Spotify Playlist:

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