Episode 1.04: Plight Of The Wunderkind – JoJo / Rachel Crow

This week we’re delving into the careers of Jojo and Rachel Crow, two artists who debuted when they were young, but disappeared from the public eye before reemerging as adults. We wonder, is it possible to bridge the gap between child star to grown ass woman?

Jason felt compelled this week to tell you why you should give two shits about JoJo and her song “Demonstrate”:


Barry would like you to know that he much preferred her earlier flop single, “Disaster”:


Barry’s segment focused on the continued efforts of Rachel Crow, who came in fifth place on season one of The X Factor US. In particular, her 2017 single “Dime” has helped him to push through on many a morning treadmill run.


The majority of Barry’s time, however, was spent unpacking the iconic moment from X Factor in which a 13 year old Rachel Crow was unexpectedly eliminated:


Relive the performance of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” that just couldn’t get her to finals, but that forever captured Barry’s heart:

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