Episode 1.05: The Aftermath Pt. 1 – Janet Jackson

When Janet’s “Just A Little While” sank without a sound in the aftermath of an infamous public scandal, what did it say about our culture and what we expect from our celebrities? Who gets to be forgiven, and who gets the curtain call?

In part one of this two part episode, Barry talked about Just A Little While, Janet Jackson’s ill-fated 2004 single released the same week as a now infamous Superbowl performance with Justin Timberlake.


While critics and media watchdogs slammed Janet for her unabashed expression of sexuality, both Barry and Jason noted that this was nothing new. While Barry recalled a glistening Djimon Hounsou from Janet’s post autobody jumpsuit days (ie. Rhythmnation), Jason recalled the video for Again, whose hand-in-pants antics effectively got MTV banned in his childhood home.



For some reason, we also discussed the Atlanta Grape Lady:



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