Ep. 1.30 – When They Go Solo, We Go Buh-Bye: Nicole Scherzinger

Like a moth to a flame, the allure of the solo spotlight has long drawn singers like Diana Ross and Michael Jackson away from the groups they broke out with. But for every Justin Timberlake there is a Nick Lachey, and for every Beyonce, there is a Geri Halliwell. Today we’re giving a closer listen to 2007’s “Baby Love” the second solo single from Pussycat Doll’s lead singer Nicole Scherzinger and asking the question: what does it take to go from pop group standout to standalone superstar?

Songs discussed in this episode:

Also! In all its “pew pew pew” majesty, the album version of Baby Love released as a Pussycat Dolls’ track in international versions of Doll Domination:

And if you can stomach it, the episode of “The Search For The Next Doll” where everyone gets sick and they start throwing up but have to perform anyway:

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