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  • Ep. 1.21 – What I Did For Josh Groban: Josh Groban

    This week, we're discussing Josh Groban's song "What I Did for Love," which appears on his 7th studio album Stages, released in 2015.

  • Ep. 1.20 – Miss Keri-age of Justice: Keri Hilson

    This week, we're discussing Keri Hilson's song "Pretty Girl Rock," which appears on her 2nd studio album No Boys Allowed, released in 2010. The song it self was a platinum success, but it wasn't enough to save the album - and was her last release in 10 years.

  • Ep 1.19 – Britney Vs. Xtina Pt. 2: Christina Aguilera

    In part two of our foray into the wide world of Sia-penned pop tunes, Jason makes the case for "You Lost Me" from 2010's Bionic as one of his favorite Christina Aguilera songs, despite its lack of chart success.

  • Ep. 1.18 – Britney Vs. Xtina Pt. 1: Britney Spears

    In part one of this two part episode featuring Sia-penned tunes sung by princesses of pop, we're talking about "Perfume" sung by Britney Spears. Despite Sia's rising popularity as one of pop music's most sought-after songwriters, her talents did not translate into a hit for this princess of pop.

  • Ep 1.17 – The Man Show Pt. 2: Wrabel

    Our foray into the mysterious world of men continues as Jason extolls the virtues of Wrabel, and his song Ritual.

  • Ep 1.16 – The Man Show Pt. 1: Daniel Merriweather

    In part one, Barry ponders why Austrailian singer Daniel Merriweather didn't break through with his 2010 single, Water And A Flame.

  • Ep. 1.15 – I Remember Us Pt. 2: MKS / Sugababes

    In Part 2 of I Remember Us, we talk about MKS, also known as the original lineup of the Sugababes. After a series of lineup changes left the group unrecognizable to fans, the original members attempted a reunion with the song Flatline, but a full album has yet to materialize.

  • Ep 1.14 – I Remember Us Pt. 1: SWV

    In this two part episode, we're talking about groups that reunited years after parting ways but weren't able to recapture the level of success they once had. In part one, Jason gives us the lowdown on whatever happened to SWV.

  • Ep. 1.13 – Where Credit Is Due Pt.2: Patti LaBelle

    This week, in a continuation of the episode "Where Credit Is Due" we're making the case for R&B Legend Patti LaBelle's original version of "If You Asked Me To", later popularized by Celine Dion.

  • Episode 1.12 – Where Credit Is Due Pt. 1: Dee Dee Warwick

    We're giving credit where credit is due, featuring songs originally recorded by one artist, only to gain popular success later, after being recorded by another artist. In part one, we're talking about soul singer Dee Dee Warwick and her original recording of If "You're No Good," more popularly sung by Linda Ronstadt.